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As the pay gap between male & female law partners is real, Let’s compensate for the gap, here.

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Benefits of Choosing LegaMart

Fair Job Offers

LegaMart doesn’t consider gender while matching cases with clients and is 100% profession-based & you are the one to reject or accept a case.

Peer Community

LegaMart offers a range of fixed-fee legal services provided by participating verified lawyers. All prices are final, with no hidden fees and no long-term commitment.

Free Marketing

With LegaMart powerful content management system optimization (SEO) and other social media channels, you have guaranteed views, credit and clients.

No Force to Choose

In LegaMart, Lawyers Choose Whatever Case & Client they Prefer (With whatever subject). We have a variety of projects and practice areas for you to choose from.

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Helen Xin

China Corporate and Company Law Quick Meeting

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Australia Commercial and Business Law Quick Meeting

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Albania Banking and Financial Law Quick Meeting

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Turkey Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Quick Meeting

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Spain Banking and Financial Law Quick Meeting

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Greece Shipping and Maritime Law Quick Meeting


Nigeria Employment Law Quick Meeting

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Turkey Contract Law Quick Meeting

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Nigeria Commercial and Business Law Quick Meeting


South Korea Contract Law Quick Meeting

Rachel Eshikhati

Kenya Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Quick Meeting

Taghreed Almashari

Saudi Arabia Tax Law Quick Meeting

Ada Ama-Njoku

South Africa Commercial and Business Law Quick Meeting

Saida Hamdamova

Uzbekistan Construction Law Quick Meeting

Aida Baghirova

Azerbaijan Banking and Financial Law Quick Meeting

Çilem Baykaler

Turkey Employment Law Quick Meeting

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Everything you need to know about Gender inequality in the legal market!

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LegaMart and its Women’s Initiative is proud to announce Women in Tech, to highlight a community of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Our main goal is to create a platform for women in STEM and legal professionals ...

Frequently Asked Questions

The ‘register’ function will allow you to submit an application to LegaMart’s platform. You will then be required to fill out and submit the required information. Access will be granted to your account upon approval

Membership is free for both lawyers and clients. You will pay LegaMart a service fee of %18.5 only when a transaction is complete and you get paid by a client.

We ensure that those seeking legal advice via LegaMart are ensured maximum trust and transparency. Thus, it is necessary that attorneys upload their license of practice for review and verification.

LegaMart is not a law firm but a professional online community platform that facilitates legal services globally. Lawyers decide to accept or reject a case. Agreements are made between lawyers and clients directly. LegaMart only monitors the process.

Lawyers providing services can join LegaMart after their application has been approved by LegaMart and gone through the vetting process. This is a closed network and only selected and certified professionals can join and provide legal service. Paralegals may also join but may not provide legal services. While they may be active in the community, writing articles or answer some questions with their own signature.

A lawyer is not obliged to accept cases, but if they accept, they are obliged to follow the agreement according to LegaMart Terms & Conditions. Lawyers are required to indicate their fees clearly, either per hour or per case.

Yes. LegaMart covers general costs for digital marketing. LegaMart’s revenue comes from the service fee that you pay once a transaction is done regarding a completed contract. Some of the revenue is reinvested in marketing, branding, application development, maintenance of the services and other costs such as insurance, secure payment and payment to third-party suppliers, etc.

LegaMart has obtained several insurance policies fromHiscox Insurance Company. Our coverages are: Professional indemnity, Cyber and Data, Public and products liability, Employers’ liability, Property – portable equipment, Legal Protection.

All lawyers who provide legal service must go through a vetting process and they are required to provide the necessary documents, certification, and proof of membership in the applicable professional associations like Solicitors’ Regulation Authority.

LegaMart is not and will not be a law firm. It is merely an online platform designed solely for direct interaction between lawyers and clients in foreign jurisdictions. It helps lawyers manage their marketing affairs.


LegaMart, a legal ecosystem with the mission of easing access and building trust in the legal sector, is here to offer online and direct interactions between lawyers and clients from multiple jurisdictions. We have all the solutions you need by providing a wide range of necessary legal services, from translation and case reviews to advisories and advocacies. As you have us, you have new resources.

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