Law Career Success Stories Come from a Perfect Mentorship Story!

Reach your goals & stand out from the crowd, in the legal world by efficient career strategies.

Whether you’re a law student, recent graduate, or attorney with decades of experience, you can benefit from a legal mentor.
There’s always more to learn from someone with more experience or a different perspective—so finding a legal mentor is a valuable opportunity for all legal professionals.

The Mentors Mission

Your career booms!
Or you won’t make wrong or useless decisions in your path as a graduate, student or experienced lawyer.

It is not logical to make strategic choices alone, as a fresh law graduate or even a lawyer. To master specific areas of law or to run your own firm, a mentor can show you the best way or give you extended better viewpoints or no! Even totally different career strategies compared to what is going on in your own mind.

Where do you hope to be 1 year from now?

  • 10 years?
  • In any possible future?
  • What if some people are already there!

So why not ask them for great hints & strategies about “How” or “What is the best way ever to continue?” This is how you can make productive discussions. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, look for a legal mentor who has perspectives about your goals.

Why is getting a mentor crucial for your career path?

From being prepared for law school’s exams or an interview with a company/law firm, choosing our future career path, running our legal business, we would like to hear advice from more experienced people.

We all would like to hear advice from more experienced people. But we may choose another more professional way to gain valuable advice about our issues and this is LegaMart mentorship program.


Why you need mentor?

Having a legal mentor is a valuable way to learn from the wisdom & experience of another lawyer. A legal mentor can also help you become a better, more successful lawyer. While mentors are a great choice for new lawyers & law students, they aren’t limited to new attorneys or even the experienced ones or the one who already has a law firm.

Available Mentoring Options

Peer mentoring

Suitable for individuals at similar stages of careers including. skilltraining, general support, & advice or options on career goals.

Reverse mentoring

It is ideal for a senior legal professional up to generational concept or modern systems & technology.

Situational mentoring

Perfect for a specific project, purpose, or skill.


3 Session


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5 Session


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7 Session


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LegaMart mentorship program

Choose to have one-time coaching or a follow-up over several months with the mentor you will have chosen.
LegaMart mentorship program will help you reach your goals & design your law careers.

Program Structure

You can choose your own specific program structure or number of sessions and the specific mentor you want but this is the structure we offer. Generally, in this package, applicants will receive:


Works in your area of interest

  1. Introduction of both parties
  2. Defining the main reason(s) for participation in the mentorship sessions (after this session, the mentor will finalize a roadmap for the upcoming sessions)

One-to-One coaching and advice

Introduction of the roadmap by mentor and working on it with the help of the mentee to meet the needs of the mentees.


Invitations to exclusive events

Following up the roadmap steps and check  the mentee’s diary logs (Assessment of the progress is happening during the sessions)


Identify their strengths and assets

Following up the roadmap steps and check  the mentee’s diary logs (Assessment of the progress is happening during the sessions)


explore solutions and develop the skills

Finalize the sessions, review both sides’ feedback, and check the roadmap success.

List of Mentors


The world’s longest established Professional Life Coach and Executive Coach training company.

Pervious mentorship Graduate

Her leadership, advice, continuous support and professional experience in international domain inspired me alot through three months of the mentorship program. I would like to thank her for all her sympathy, attention and encouragement.

Niloufar Foruzanfar

Master of European Studies

I would like to thank Sanaz Javadi Farahzadi for all her support, advice, Sympathy and encouragement.
I also appreciate the LegaMart team for upholding such a practical program, insights and guidance they provide in this

Mahdokht Tarabi

Master of European Studies


Hannah Grace Norombaba

Financial Control Intern at IMPACT Initiatives

During this mentorship program, which is still ongoing, we went beyond mentorship sessions, and Sanaz guided me on how to build effective professional relationships, expand my academic and practical network, and have a broader perspective to be able to plan for my career path.

Neda Askarinya

PHD Candidate in Social Law

Webinar and Course

In order to provide awareness raising in practical areas and enhance the visibility of international  experts in different areas and as a part of Legamart Mentorship program initiated in January 2022,  Legamart team intends to organize a few live talk series and training sessions on diverse practical issues including mentorship and reverse mentoring.  

Dr. Anthony Giannoumis

Chair of the Board Inclusive Creation AS and Associate Professor at Oslo Metropolitan Universit

Jessica J. Lockhart

Director of International Institue of Humanology

The training session series is a great opportunity for all the lawyers,legal researchers and businesses , who wish to update their knowledge in international scale , to learn  about the current practical issues and build a strong information sharing and community network of experts to learn from each other. 

The focus of the legamart training sessions and live talk would be mentorship, the power of reverse mentoring and why lawyers and businesses need it.


More About Our First Product: Legal Mentorship

Universities worldwide are training an enormous crowd of legal specialists to take over domestic and international legal jobs.

Choosing between legal careers as a young graduate!

I can’t forget my frustrating days at the age of 23 as a new graduate from a top-rank university in my country.

Legal Mentorship, benefits from previous experience!

Let us see the legal mentorship from another perspective and review why we may take advantage of this relationship.

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