Tech and FinTech Law

Services We Offer

Reviewing software licenses, and SaaS

Licensing is crucial for global software sales. Elevate your business by prioritizing licensing technology in your lifecycle.

Advising on open-source usage, IP protection, and Digital rights

Prioritize understanding digital rights for business action. Our consulting team aids in capitalizing on your intangible assets.

AI Dispute Services

Involve navigating challenges related to the ethical use of artificial intelligence and accountability

Non-fungible Token (NFT)

Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, is legally acknowledged as a form of property, but the addition of NFTs adds complexity. Need NFT advice?

Digital Currencies and Digital Assets

As Cryptocurrencies gain popularity, an increasing number of individuals, especially newcomers, face Cryptocurrency Fraud. If you suspect fraud, consult our specialized solicitors for tailored assistance.

Why Incorporate Your Business with LegaMart

Local Expertise

Our in-country teams have deep knowledge of local laws. This includes lawyers, accountants, and local experts. They work closely with authorities so we can personalize our support. This helps you meet your company goals in any country.

Tech Enabled Solution
Our all-in-one platform lets you manage worldwide operations for one or multiple entities and related services. Track timelines, upload documents, and access real-time data in one centralized hub. This gives you the best client experience. From company setup to renewals, we keep things efficient.

Hiring Lawyers, On Demand
LegaMart provides an invaluable service – the ability to hire lawyers and paralegals worldwide. With just a few clicks, you can bring qualified legal professionals into your team from multiple countries. 

Rather than spending months trying to build connections abroad, you can use LegaMart’s platform to immediately assemble a legal team with intimate knowledge of target countries’ laws, regulations, and business practices. By bridging geographical divides, we empower legal managers to scale globally with confidence. Access to on-the-ground legal talent paves the way for seamless global growth.Lawyers, 

How It Works

Access Global Guidance

Want to expand globally? We evaluate markets to find the best fits for your plans. Then we provide customized playbooks to enter new markets.

Work With Local Experts

Count on help from our worldwide network of local experts. They resolve any challenges as you execute your expansion plans.

Track And Manage Your Expansion

Follow your global growth journey’s progress. Handle individual queries and cases. Receive real-time updates.