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For Legal Talents

19 / month
15 days free trial
  • 1 Person
  • No service fee
  • Host Unlimited online meeting
  • Unlimited quotations
  • Full digital business card
  • Full access to virtual assistant
  • Unlimited smart scheduling
  • Unlimited access to SME pipeline
  • Unlimited access to talent pool
  • Advanced Support
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For Legal Talents

4 / month
15 days free trial
  • 1 Person
  • 18.5% service fee
  • Host 3 online meeting
  • 5 quotations available per month
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Zero Service Fee

Keep what you earn! No service fees, no limits.

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Engage in unlimited cases, meetings and quotations.

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Vertical Integration of interconnected suite of technologies from Scheduling, online meeting, payment & reviewing.

Access to SME Pipeline

Open doors to exclusive high-value cases and unique opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LegaMart Pro is a comprehensive online platform designed for legal professionals, offering two membership plans: Basic and Pro. It serves as a global hub connecting lawyers with opportunities, facilitating secure transactions, and fostering a collaborative community.

LegaMart Pro operates on a membership model with Basic and Pro plans. The Basic plan provides, at £4/month, access to essential features, while the Pro plan, priced at £19/month, offers advanced benefits like unlimited cases, meetings, and quotations, with no service fees.

Upgrading to the Pro plan unlocks exclusive benefits, including zero service fees, unlimited cases, meetings, and quotations. Members enjoy advanced support, access to the SME pipeline, and a host of features tailored to elevate their legal practice.

Yes, LegaMart Pro caters to both solo practitioners and law firms. Whether you’re an individual lawyer seeking global opportunities or a law firm expanding its reach, our platform offers tailored solutions for all legal professionals.

LegaMart prioritizes security. Our platform employs robust measures to safeguard data and transactions, ensuring a secure environment for legal professionals to engage in global collaborations with confidence.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 8.5 reflects the high satisfaction level of our members. It’s a testament to the positive experiences legal professionals have had on LegaMart Pro, indicating a strong vote of confidence in our platform.

 For support or inquiries, you can reach out to our dedicated team through [email protected], or visit our Help Center for comprehensive resources. We’re committed to assisting you throughout your LegaMart journey.

Currently, LegaMart Pro doesn’t offer a trial period for the Pro plan. However, we provide detailed information about plan features to help you make an informed decision.

Yes, members can cancel or downgrade their membership at any time. Downgrades require a 30-day notice before term renewal, ensuring a flexible and user-friendly experience.

LegaMart boasts a thriving community with over 2580 legal professionals from around the world. Join a diverse and vibrant network of legal experts on LegaMart Professional, set up and scale your digital legal practice with ease.