Personal Branding for Legal Professionals Online Webinar

Date: Wednesday, March 2nd

Time: GMT 1:00 PM

With: Mr. Nishant Bhaskar


Boost Your Professional Careers

    Anyone Can Do Your Job, But No One Can Be You
    With The Right Personal Branding Of Course!

    Personal Branding for Legal Professionals

    In today’s fast-paced digital world, you need charisma more than a degree; you have to know how to present yourself in everyday life, which a considerable part of it is the media around you!

    Many industries, including the legal industry, have developed their digital presence to fit in! And have upgraded themselves to be in the scene!

    The smartest thing you can do in your professional life as a lawyer is to become the leading expert in a particular area of knowledge, regardless of your location or place of practice

    Why participate in this webinar?

    • If you are interested in personal branding and its importance for the legal industry,
    • If you are looking to start a legal business,
    • If you would like to learn marketing your legal profession online,
    • If you would like to learn about the importance of having a robust digital strategy to attract your target audience,
    • If you would like to know the essential factors of legal digital marketing.

    Instructor: Nishant Bhaskar

    Nishant Bhaskar is a lawyer turned entrepreneur specialized in branding and marketing for lawyers and law firms. Founder and Chief Strategist of Altclik, a legal marketing company that provides strategic and data-driven marketing solutions for lawyers, law firms, and legal-tech companies worldwide.

    As an entrepreneur, Nishant is on a mission to bring a digital revolution in the legal industry to change the legal reality of today and the future through technology.