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    Company Registration

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    Trademark Registration

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    With our Intellectual Property legal professionals, we will file your trademark, slogan, logo, & brand name, along with addressing any infringement or enforcement issues.

    Dubai Limited Liability Company Registration

    Registration of the trade name (with the Department of Economic Development (DED))

    Application for an initial approval

    Obtaining a trade license (by The Economic Department)

    Notarization of the Memorandum of Association at the DED

    Opening a bank account

    Submission of documents and payment of fees

    No minimum capital is needed.
    4 Weeks


    Turkey Limited Liability Company Registration

    Application for the registration of the company to the Trade Registry Directorate,

    Carrying out the application process through MERSIS (electronic central system of the trade registry)

    Preparation of the articles of association,

    Obtaining a Tax ID for shareholders

    Opening a bank account

    Preparation of the signature circular (incumbency certificate) of the company

    Appointment of an accountant (It’s compulsory, which can be done either by the client or through the lawyer)

    Being present during the tax inspection made by the tax offices.

    Start Capital: $2,000 USD or 10,000 TL
    2 Weeks


    Oman Limited Liability Company Registration

    Submission of the application of trade name registration to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry(MOCI).

    Drafting Memorandum and Articles of Association

    Registering with the Chamber of Commerce(OCCI)

    Submission of Documents of Incorporation

    Registration of the company at the Tax Department

    Opening a bank account

    Making a company seal

    No minimum capital is needed.
    2 Weeks


    UK Limited Liability Company Registration

    Drafting a Memorandum of Association and local service agent agreement,

    Registration of the Business Address

    Submission of documents to the Companies House

    Assistance with opening a bank account

    VAT & PAYE registration(If required)

    No minimum capital is needed.
    24-48 hours


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