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    • International Marriage
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    In Trouble because of these sanction compliance issues?

    Consider it DONE with LegaMart Sanction Lawyers


    Release of Funds
    Blocked or Restricted by U.S. Banks

    Specific Licenses from OFAC

    OFAC litigation


    Professional sanction & OFAC compliance lawyers help you in LegaMart

    Using Cryptocurrencies for International Payments to Circumvent US Sanctions

    Foreign online stores do not accept Paypal and credit cards if you live in one of the almighty US's sanctioned countries. That's not just a problem for you; that's a problem for your distant cousin who lives in Chile and desperately wants the 2-year-old, $200 version of Pokemon Yellow for Game Boy Colour she saw on eBay. It is where cryptocurrencies come in. Using cryptocurrencies for international payments allows you to ...

    Alarming Impact of EU Sanctions on Iran

    Introduction Relations between the West and Iran are always at needle points. The approach of western democracies and strong-headed Iran has always led to a discussion at global and organizational levels. Iran has a non-bowing attitude, while other nations believe that world order must be maintained at all costs. In the present-day global village idea, no nation can survive on its own, and every state needs to run in coordination and rhythm ...

    Civil and Criminal Penalties of Sanction Violation

    Introduction Sanction is a punitive measure against violators of any order by the government. These punitive measures can be against government organizations or private entities. Sanctions can be economic, political, or diplomatic, depending upon the nature of the sanction violation. In international relations, imposing and withdrawing sanction, violation is a common practice from time to time. Countries ....

    Get to Know Some of our Persian Speaking Lawyers

    Sharokh Koussari

    United Kingdom
    Practice areas:
    Employment Law, Commercial and Business Law, Banking and Financial Law
    Years of experience: 24
    Price: From 594£

    Hamid Bagherzadeh

    United Kingdom
    Practice areas:
    Contract Law, Commercial and Business Law, Energy and infrastructure Law, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Construction Law
    Years of experience: 18
    Price: From 140£

    Ali Sahraiian

    Practice areas:
    Contract Law, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Energy and infrastructure Law, Corporate and Company Law, Commercial and Business Law
    Years of experience: 24
    Price: From 250£

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