LegaMart Annual Report 2022

How fast is Legamart growing, evolving, and accelerating in the LegalTech world?

What will you read...

  • Who is LegaMart?
  • From 0 to 100 in 2022
  • History & Milestones
  • A short story about our Newborn Global Legal Online Platform (The challenge & the solution)
  • The benefits we provided to lawyers & clients
  • The most critical peaks conquered in 2022
  • A short introduction of services
  • Symbolic numbers 2022: International storytelling
  • A glance at what we did in 2022(Blog, Website, Social Media)
  • Some customers’ stories 
  • Events in 2022
  • About founders and team members
  • Productive reports published before

Growth of Our Community

+2200 Lawyers
from +125 countries,
We have walked on more than 125 lands legally

anyone anywhere on the world map
Can Happily Solve their Legal issue in 2023


We currently rank among the top platforms for providing international online legal services. We couldn’t have made it through these 2 years without your support, whether you used LegaMart mentoring, evolved your legal operations, or just followed us on social media. 

We’re looking forward to an even greater 2023!


LegaMart, a legal ecosystem with the mission of easing access and building trust in the legal sector, is here to offer online and direct interactions between lawyers and clients from multiple jurisdictions. We have all the solutions you need by providing a wide range of necessary legal services, from translation and case reviews to advisories and advocacies. As you have us, you have new resources.

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